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PACON-2019 Abstracts.

PACON-2019 Program at a glance.

PACON-2019 Program.

PACON-2019 Schedule table.

T01 Ocean dynamics and climate (coordinator - Alexander V. Babanin, University of Melbourne, Australia)
  Observation and modeling of ocean process
Extreme metocean conditions
ENSO complexity and modulation
T02 Marine geology and geological resources (coordinator - Ying Ye, Zhejiang University, China)
  Marine geology and geological resources
Gashydrates of the Pacific Ocean
Sedimentology and paleoceanography of the Pacific Ocean
T03 Ocean environment and ecosystem (coordinators - Aleksei Baitaliuk, Yury Zuenko, TINRO, Russia)
  Ocean environment and ecosystem
Marine pollution
T04 Ocean and sustainability of human life (coordinator – Hideki Kohno , Hoshi University, Japan)
  Ocean and sustainability of human life
T05 Polar ocean research and explorations (coordinator – John Wiltshire, University of Hawaii, USA)
  Polar ocean research and explorations
Carbon cycle in the Arctic land-shelf system
T06 Ocean engineering, marine constructions and renewable energy (coordinator – Koichi Masuda, Nihon University, Japan)
  Marine engineering
Tsunami engineering
Ice field engineering
Port and harbor engineering
Marine constructions for oil and gas exploration
Ocean renewable energy
T07 Undersea vehicles, robotics, acoustics (coordinators – Valeriy Petukhov, Aleksey Kiryanov, FEFU, Russia)
  Undersea vehicles and robotics
Underwater acoustics: measurements, simulation, applications
T08 Ocean hazards (coordinator – DanLing Tang, SCSIO CAS, China)
  Ocean hazards
T09 Fisheries and aquaculture (coordinators – Ken Leber, Kevan Main, MOTE, USA)
  Fisheries Stock Enhancement
  Sustainable aquaculture production systems and strategies
T10 Ocean observations (coordinator – Vyacheslav Lobanov, POI FEB RAS, Russia)
  Ocean observations
Ocean remote sensing
Ocean data management and citizen science
T11 Sustainable economy, ocean policy making and education (coordinator – Michael P. Crosby, MOTE, USA)
  Ecotourism, ecoprojects, marine education
Integrated coastal zone management
Marine policy and marine activity in the North Pacific region